Annelise Baer
archaeologist | producer | consultant




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Current as of February 2023

Associate Producer (Feb 2023-July 2023)
Pawn Stars Do America S2 (History) ITV America

Producer (2022-2023)
Alexandria [sizzle] (TBD) Alexandria Project LLC

Associate Producer (March 2022-Oct 2022)
The Toys That Built America S2 (History) Six West Media

Researcher (Jan 2022-Feb 2022)
Adam Eats the 80s (History) Six West Media

Researcher (Apr 2021-Oct 2021)
Panic 911 (A+E) Category 6 Media

Researcher (Nov 2020-Jan 2021)
Rifkin on Rifkin (Oxygen) Glass Entertainment

Researcher (Oct 2020-Jan 2021)
Murder in the 21st (CNN) Glass Entertainment 

Associate Story Producer (Aug 2020-Oct 2020)
Behind Every Man (OWN) Kingdom Reign Entertainment

Associate Producer/Researcher (April 2020-May 2020)
Celebrity Substitute (YouTube Learning) B17 Entertainment

Clearance Supervisor/Archival Producer (Aug 2018-Dec 2019)

Mind Field S3 (YouTube Originals)
Kids Behind Bars S1+S2 (A+E)
Deadly Cults S2 (Oxygen)
IPC Productions+Buckingham Television

Consulting Producer (May 2019-Jun 2019)

Unexplained & Unexplored (Discovery Science) Karga Seven Pictures

Segment Producer (Apr 2018-July 2018)

Smiley Face Killers (Oxygen) 44Blue Productions

Associate Producer (Feb 2017-Apr 2018)

Expedition Unknown S4 (Travel Channel) Ping Pong Productions

Researcher (May 2015-Dec 2016)

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman S1+S2 (NatGeo) 
Revelations Entertainment

Researcher (Sept 2014-Nov 2014)

Unusual Suspects S7 (ID)
Killer Confessions (ID)
America’s Secret Swimming Holes (Travel Channel)
LMNO Productions

Researcher/Associate Producer (Jan 2014-Aug 2014)

Ancient Aliens S6+S7 (History)
In Seach of Aliens S1 (History)
Prometheus Entertainment

Associate Producer (Oct 2013-Nov 2013)

Killer Kids s2 (ID) 44Blue Productions

Associate Producer (May 2013-July 2013)

Devil in the Details S1 (ID) Mike Mathis Productions

Researcher (Sept 2014-Nov 2014)

Unusual Suspects S4+S5 (ID) LMNO Productions

Researcher (Aug 2010-Mar 2012)

Ancient Aliens S2+S3 (History)
Civilization Lost (H2)
America’s Book of Secrets: The Series (History)
Prometheus Entertainment

Media Librarian (Nov 2008-Jul 2010)

Access Hollywood (NBCUniversal)

Production Assistant (Oct 2008)

The Guild (web+Netflix)

3rd unit camera assistant, PA (July 2008)

Time Team (BBC)