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Annelise is an archaeologist and producer, born and raised in Los Angeles. She holds a BA in Classical Civilizations with a minor in Archaeology from Loyola Marymount University, and a MA in Archaeology for Screen Media from the University of Bristol. She combines her unique skills and experience from over a decade in both the entertainment industry and the archaeological/academic world to help create interesting, engaging and exciting factual programming that brings stories from the past to a 21st century audience. She’s lent her knowledge and expertise to a wide variety of programming, and enjoys working with creative teams to develop segments from pre-production through post-production and has experience both in the office and in the field. Her archaeological interests range from the great civilizations of the Ancient Near East, Mediterranean and Mesoamerica to the material culture and religious syncretism of indigenous cultures on the borders of empires, with a healthy appreciation for dead languages and ancient/traditional foodways thrown in for good measure. She is also a trained numismatist and really enjoys spending time with ancient coins. When not working on TV projects, Annelise is the media manager and lifter of heavy objects for Project Nivica, an ongoing archaeological research project in Albania. She currently splits her time between Vancouver, BC and Los Angeles, CA with her husband and can usually be found playing video games in her free time. Maybe someday she’ll get that PhD...

If you’re developing a history/archaeology-themed series, get in touch! I’m available for research, producing and consulting and can provide flexible rates depending on your project needs. 
Email: annelise dot baer at gmail dot com