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Photo credit: Aisling Tierney

Project Nivica
A joint project between the RAU Cultural Heritage Institute, the Albanian Institute of Archaeology and the National Coastline Agency of Albania

This unique project, under the direction of Dr. Aisling Tierney, is a multiperiod archaeological research project that operates in collaboration with domestic Albanian organisations prioritising eco-tourism and socioeconomic development in a rapidly depopulating region. Our work focuses on multiperiod and multi-method archaeological investigations, with an emphasis on material culture, spanning thousands of years of history and human activity from ancient Illyrian, Epirote and Roman periods to modern conflict archaeology of the 19th and 20th centuries. At the heart of the project is the town of Nivica and the mountainous Kurvelesh region, which is home to a wide range of intangible cultural heritage including polyphonic singing, traditional textile crafts and foodways. 

You can learn more about our ongoing work and see photos and videos from past field seasons at the official project website:

We’ll return to Albania in Spring 2022 for our next field season!